72 hr car kit

 72 Hour Vehicle Kit Prep List

A 72 hour vehicle kit is a great addition to your preps as it travels with you wherever you drive.  This prep list lays out for you the basic survival gear, car tools, and food you need to stay alive over three days.  This will come in handy if you get stuck in a storm, break down on a road trip, or even for something as simple as a navigating basic car trouble.

The question you need to ask yourself is: “If a storm hit today while away from your home would you have everything you need in your vehicle to survive for a few days? ”  If you were suddenly asked to evacuate the area would you have the basic supplies to take with you?  Some may argue that they always have their EDC bag or their Get Home bag  on them so why is there a need for a 72 hour vehicle kit?  Isn’t it just a little overkill?  The answer is no, it’s not if you really think about it, here are a few reasons why this gear redundancy is called for:

  1.  What if you are separated from your get home bag? Maybe you left it in the office, maybe the building has been evacuated before you could grab your bag?
  2. What if you have to pick up a friend or spouse or take a fellow employee with you?  (The extra gear may come in handy)
  3. What if your stranded for more than 3 days?
  4. The old saying still rings true: “One is none and two is one”…besides training redundancy is great way to increase your odds of survival!

Here’s my basic 72 hour vehicle prep list highlighting everything that I have in my car at all times.

72 hour kit Prep List for your vehicle:

Bonus Gear Prep List

  • Ham Radio
  • Cb Radio
  • Sunglasses
  • Fire Arm with ammo- ** Please follow all laws in your area. Always keep firearm on your person or                                              locked away properly!
  • Pair of Hiking Boots
  • Baby wipes for hygiene or Bath wipes– (Pack of 5 put a few in your other bags)
  • Plastic zip lock bags
  • zip ties 

Final Thoughts

Having a solid 72 hour vehicle kit is a great way to help you feel more prepared for disasters or the unknown.  If packed properly, a 72 hour kit will give you everything you need to keep you alive for 3 days.   Having one of these for your car can be useful in the case of an emergency evacuation or if your car simply breaks down in a remote location.

Legacy Food Storage

Adding a few items to the trunk for one of these unforeseen disasters or events will not only help you prepare, but also keep you safe and focused on finding a solution when you actually  find yourself in one of these situations.

What’s in your kit?

Let me know in the comments below!