About Our Store

Why Shop With Us?

Why spend all day looking through the web for prepper gear and survival products, when we have done the searching for you?  

We have partnered with Bug Out Reviews to have them be our Official store. We believe that you have to Share To Prepare and with that comes partnerships.  We not only partnered with Bug Out Reviews we also showcase different companies that we feel provide excellent products and service out side of our bug out store.  

All money transactions will be processed through their sites and security.  When you buy the items from our links, we earn a percentage from our partners that we use to buy products for reviews and for our personal Preps.

We thank you in advance for trusting our product choices and we hope that we can mutually help each other to prepare.  

We hope you enjoy the items we have posted for you!

Outside of our store, we shop for our preps in multitude of  locations from Ebay, Winco, Costco, Sams Club, Wall Mart and local stores in our area.  Part of prepping is finding the best product at the best price!  Happy prepping!

Coming soon product reviews and demonstrations by our partenrs at BUG OUT REVIEWS You can find their reviews on our site HERE.