range day prep list

Gun Range Prep List

Personally, a  large part of prepping is learning how to be able to protect and provide for my family no matter what happens.  Self defense is a major part of this and this means a lot of training for your standard urban parent.  If you are new to the world of fire arms and going to the gun range than this Range Day prep list is for you!

A quick word to the wise if this is your first trip to the gun range….ask for help!  Get a friend that knows their way around firearms or set up an appointment with a range master to give you a walk through.  Leave the macho bullshit behind you and get the training you need before you handle a firearm!  Also there are written and unwritten rules to follow at a gun range so everyone is safe.  It can be intimidating the first time you step up to the line and rack one into the chamber.  It’s better to ask for help from a friend than be that guy on the news that shot himself in the leg!

Fire Arm Prep List

  • Choose your guns for your day at the range.
  • Pack your ammo…when you think you have enough add a box or two more!
  • Make sure fire arms are clean and inspected
  • Make sure all magazines are out of the firearm and the slide is racked back and open for inspection when you arrive
  • Pack Ears
  • Pack eyes
  • Pack fire arms and ammo according to local laws (* If you don’t know this now is the time to learn!)

Range Bag Prep List

Shooting Gear