Prepping 101

Why Should I Start Prepping?

I will refrain from listing all the wars, economic depressions, and natural disasters here, as I hope to paint prepping in a different light.  We do not need to prepare because of fear, we need to prepare because it just makes sense!  We need to relearn how to provide for ourselves and our families.  Here is a small list of preps that we all do everyday:

  • We have medical & car Insurance
  • We have renters or Home Insurance
  • We buy life insurance
  • We hope to save for the future through investments 401 k’s and more
  • We go through years of education in the hopes of landing our dream job
  • And the list goes on…

If spending money on all of these things makes sense to do “Just in Case” you get sick, crash your car, get a job, make it to retirement, or get hurt. Then I believe having food, water,tools, clothing, and basic survival skills makes sense “just in case” there is a problem out of my control one day.  What do I have to loose….nothing but my life or worse, one of my family members!

If a hurricane tore through my city tomorrow and wiped out houses a few blocks to the right of my house and a few to the left, I would be very glad I had saved water and food for my family to live on while we sat back and waited for help to arrive.  If I was unfortunate enough to have my house and preps wiped out by the hurricane I would be glad to have purchased home insurance (If they actually paid me).  Some may argue that being prepared is a waste of time because in a disaster situation everything would be gone and we would be dead or unable to use them.  I won’t lie this is a possibility, however, I think I might just prepare enough supplies  ”just in case” I am blessed enough to make it through whatever comes my way!

10 Reasons Why I should start  Prepping

  1. Job Loss:  We all have experienced or seen what a tough job market it has been over the last few years.  If you stock up while times are good, you can use your supplies when things get tough.  Imagine if it took you 3 months to find a new job, it would be hard to supple food, household supplies and keep up on your bills.  If you prep you should have a few months of food, water supplies, house hold items ( soap,hygiene products, and more).  You could ease the stress a little for you and your family.
  2. In House Store:  I hate having to run to the store because I am one item short for dinner.  What a waste of gas and time!  I try to buy 2-6 extra items whenever I shop, maybe more if there is a great deal on.  You will be surprised on how big you’re in home store can get in just one month!  The key here is to buy items that you will use on a daily basis, there’s no reason to have 25 lbs of grain if you don’t like it or know how to use it.  After your store fills up with items you enjoy, start stocking up on basics like baking goods, salt, spices, evaporated milk etc.  This is also a lot easier to justify to your spouse if they are not yet on board with your new passion. My wife has grown to love our pantry and the ease it affords us at dinner time.  This means that you will spend a little more as you build up your pantry, but once its done your grocery bills will shrink do to you just having to maintain the store and not fully stock it.
  3. Auto Trouble:  Your car breaks down on your way to the mountains on a family trip, do you even have blankets in your car?  Do you have games for your kids?  A restless child, in a car with an angry spouse is my idea of hell!  So why not have a 72 hour kit, basic survival items, blankets, extra clothes, a few kids games, and some extra personal items to help the time pass?
  4. Kids Break down:  My kids often randomly pick a time to break down and freak out.  It comes in handy to have some extra snacks and games on hand to distract them and calm them down.  A quite car alone is worth prepping!
  5. Need to evacuate:  Flood warnings ring out in the middle of the night and a knock at your door ( if your lucky) and you’re asked to leave your house in 5 minutes…what do you grab?  Do you have an evacuation checklist, a bug out bag, evacuation route, and documents ready to go?  When you walk out that door at four in the morning you very well may come back to nothing.  Will you be ready?
  6. Commodity Lock Down:  This is another added benefit to the Home Store of goods, you lock in today’s prices for tomorrows dinner.  With droughts, Artic chills and other crazy weather patterns our commodities will shoot through the roof.  Start paying more attention when you purchase items and watch bottle water goes up and down, canned goods, produce and anything else on a stores shelf fluctuates with the commodity market and the price of gas.  If I make 10% on my canned goods business and gas goes up by 2% i am going to pass  that on to the consumer to protect my bottom line.  Knowing that you can actually save money in the long run by spending a little more each time you shop until your home store is stocked.  Today’s price will most likely be better than tomorrows.
  7. Natural Disaster: If mother nature decides to flex her muscle and you make it through the storm will you be ready?  Do you have the supplies and know how to purify water, build shelters, and take care of any medical needs? Do you have the ability to protect your supplies, your life and that of your families in the absence of police?  We live in a time of storms and natural disasters, I think we all have seen how devastating they can be on a community.
  8. Power Goes Out:  We depend on others to provide us with light and heat, and all of this is provided through computers and equipment that can break down.  Anyone that owns a computer can agree that stuff just breaks.  So if the power went out for 3 days would you be ready to keep your family warm and fed? Do you have supplies to keep everyone comfortable while your local municipality figures out the problem?
  9. Cuts Happen:  Every time that you get sick do you have to go to the store to get supplies?  Do you have children that like to rough house? Do you cook and fix things around the house?  Well if you do all these things you should ask yourself to really examine your medical supplies.  No one is asking you to have an operating room in your house, but you should have supplies to stop bleeding, help with burns, or to simply take care of a tooth ache or ear infection.   Start with a first aid kit, then buy supplies to supplement from there.  I took two months to build up my medical supplies and went after each paycheck and bought supplies for first aid, colds, natural medicines, for the kids, and hygiene products.  Remember if you keep it clean you keep it healthy!
  10. Peace of Mind:  Prepping is an ongoing process, but there is a point where you feel like you have accomplished closing the gab between being vulnerable and prepared.  Set goals that are obtainable and that help you prepare for whatever you think can affect you where you live.  Maybe you think its crazy to prepare for a hurricane in Montana, ok so don’t! Maybe you just want to be self-reliant in-case the grid goes down…maybe you just want to prepare.   Either way set your goals, create your checklists and move through them.  I started with 2 weeks of food and now have a few months.  The main point here is to just start the process, learn from those around you, and walk down the path to the freedom of being prepared!

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