Security Strategies to Protect Your Family 

This was one of the first books I bought as a new prepper.  It opened my eyes to how vulnerable my family and I really were.  It laid out easy ways to improve one’s security and I have started to implement the changes to my home.  The great part about this book, is that the basic steps we need to take are  relatively easy to do over time and on almost any budget.  This is a must read!

Review By: American Preppers Network

Prepper’s Home Defense (find it online by clicking here) offers different ways to plan for the defense and security of your home.  The author, Jim Cobb, writes in a very readable and understandable manner.  I understood his techniques and did not have to struggle to finish the book.  Prepper’s Home Defense covers many other topics related to home security, that were also very helpful, but what I really enjoyed and got the most out of, was the information on how to set up and layer my home defenses.

The techniques Jim covers in the book, when properly implemented, will not only help secure your home for the ‘worst case scenario,’ but most will also help with everyday security as well.  Early on in the book, the author admits that no single technique will offer 100% effectiveness in repelling criminals and those that wish to do you harm.  But these techniques give yourself time to react, by making your property difficult, and time-consuming to break into.  This means that any potential criminals would have to be VERY motivated to get through your security.  Lesser motivated, thieves will likely seek out easier targets, and, hopefully, before any “motivated person” can breach your security, you will be alerted and ready to meet the on coming threat.  I appreciated the honesty in this area as everyone’s situation is different and will require a different combination of techniques.  As you put into practice some of the techniques and procedures you will quickly discover which ones will work better than others for your unique situation.

Other Topics
I also appreciated the parts of the book which cover apartments and condos – many home defense books tend to leave these locations out of the mix and focus more on stick built single dwelling structures.  Along the same lines, while the information in the book focuses more on suburban and urban areas, I found that I could easily apply most of it to my rural home.  A topic that may be of interest to city dwellers, and perhaps soon to everyone else, is alternative ways to defend yourself in the face of strict weapons or gun control laws.

Prepper’s Home Defense also covers subjects like guard dogs, intelligence gathering, making excursions from your location, and bugging out.  I found all of the information to be accurate and helpful.  He also briefly covers the positives and negatives in your common choice firearms and touches on the skill required for the practice of reloading.

This is a GREAT book for someone just starting out with emergency preparedness or home security, and even if you aren’t new to prepping, chances are you will learn a thing or two from reading this book.  As a woman, I can say this is an excellent book for women to pick up and read as well.  It is not a detailed step by step reference library, but the author is direct, to the point, and does not mess around with political correctness.  The book covers many essential topics already in other books, but presents them in concrete ways that do not leave the reader overwhelmed like some preparedness books do.

About the Author: 
Jim Cobb is a disaster readiness expert.  He has been a prepper for most of his life and has worked almost twenty years in the security management and investigation fields.  Jim formerly wrote The Frugal Prepper column in Survivalist Magazine, and currently writes a daily blog for  Jim’s primary home online is found at, and you can even find him writing occasionally right here for APN.  He lives and works in the Upper Midwest, sequestered in a fortified bunker with his lovely wife and their three adolescent weapons of mass destruction.

The Bottom Line:
Prepper’s Home Defense has earned a place on my bookshelf by giving me the information I needed to go home and put in place some security procedures and equipment that made my home more secure the day I read the book. My home is now more secure for short-term and any potential long-term emergencies.”

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