Paycheck prepping

A Guide to Paycheck Prepping:

Have you ever wonder how to start prepping? I have established this paycheck prepping guideline to help make the daunting task of getting prepared more manageable for you. Most people get paid bi-monthly, which means you will receive 26 paychecks this year. I have broken down the basic steps of getting prepared over each paycheck to make the process more manageable for you.  Granted some folks make more than others, so please adjust your preps to what is comfortable for your budget.   There is no need to go broke over night in order to provide for your family in times of disaster, job loss, or whatever scenarios you have chosen to prepare for.  This is a process of learning, gathering, and becoming more self-reliant.  

Things To Consider When Using Our Paycheck Guide

  1. Decide what you are prepping for and this will help dictate your top priorities. 
  2. Realize that you can’t buy everything all at once so use our lists to help prioritize your needs.
  3. Identify special needs such as glasses, medications, or other personal items and make sure to prep those first.
  4. Start prepping your food and water supply right away!  After all, if you are fed and hydrated it will buy you time to figure out the rest of your needs.
  5. Remember you can always come back and get stuff on the next paycheck.
  6. As you start prepping a lot of your needs will become clearer and your priorities will change so don’t get hung up on one idea or item.  The important thing is that you have decided to start prepping… so do it!
  7. Always be on the look out for deals and creative ways to prep while saving some cash.
  8. My lists are not the end all be all of lists.  I have compiled these ideas from all over the web and from my experience.  Check back often as I will always be adding more ideas, lists, and videos to each of the posts bellow.


Paycheck To Paycheck Prepping Breakdown

Editor’s Note:

It is important to point out that I repeat certain prep lists along the way.  Each Prep list focuses on an area I believe to be important to becoming more prepared.   The idea behind breaking up these preps lists is to allow you to gather a little  from each survival category along the way.  For example, if you buy all of your medical preps today and a disaster happens tomorrow you will be bummed you didn’t buy water and food supplies.

Furthermore,  you may exclude a few purchases  along the way due to a budget issue on paycheck 5 but you may be able to afford those items by the time you get to paycheck 24.  As you prepared your focus will shift and you may find that you actually do need a N95 mask and  a  crowbar. My prep list’s  are geared to constantly remind you of items so when the SHFT happens you have a well-rounded and thoughtful cache of supplies.

Happy Prepping!