The Perfect Prepper Bag

Okay let’s be real, as preppers we would all love to find our one perfect bag. Apparently, it seems to be a search that we all must take on our journey to becoming more prepared for the unknown.  Personally, I love bags, I love them so much that I have  multiple bags in order to ensure I have gear on me at all times.   A few of my favorite bags are my BOB, (Bug Out Bag), my Get Home Bag, and my EVAC Bag. 

Bug Out Bag

The Bug Out Bag is meant to help you survive on our journey to your bug out location. My Get Home Bag is meant to get me from my point of trouble back to my home and all my Bug in and Bug Out gear. 


The EVAC bag is meant for my family to have clothes and necessary items in case we have to evacuate in the middle of the night.  This bag is often used when you have small children that cant carry their own bug out bags.

Get Home Bag

I also have a smaller version of my bug out bag called the Get Home Bag.  This bag is meant to get me from my point of trouble back to my home and all my Bug In and Bug Out gear.  The Get Home Bag can also be your EDC bag depending on personal choice and budget.  

Automobile Kit

If that’s not enough I also have an Automobile kit that is kept in a tub or bag in my vehicle.  This kit is used if I am stranded in my car on a family trip so I have extra gear for all my passengers.  

I guess the point of my story is, as a prepper I take my bags seriously!

So the question still remains, whats the best bag? Well the best bag is the one that ultimately works for you! Just be sure your bag is made well and it is organized in a way that your gear is easy to access on the run.  

The bag that is best for you is the one you feel most comfortable with!

A Few Things To Consider When Buying A Bag For Your Preps

  1. Pick your bag- Establish what bag you are buying: EDC, Bug Out Bag, or EVAC Bag, this will help you to determine your bags size, gear list and use.
  2. Pockets and Pouches-Find a bag with a few good and well thought out pockets and pouches for you to organize your gear in. Be careful to not choose a  bag with too many pockets or the bag will actually fill up with unneeded gear quickly.  I also find that too many pockets makes it hard for me to remember where everything is in the bag. (Steps 7-9 will help with this issue!)
  3. Molle- If you are not concerned with keeping up your Gray Man appearance then make sure to have molle on  your bag. This will allow you to add pouches for extra gear as you expand or get more organized.  But as stated before don’t add unneeded extras if you don’t have too.
  4. Build the bag for it’s use- Don’t try and overload your EDC or get Home Bag after all its not your Bug Out Bag!
  5. Watch your weight- Remember you carry what you pack, your survival skills and mindset will help you survive more than your gear! ( It’s true good gear doesn’t hurt)
  6. Make a list- Get organized and create a list so you don’t forget anything, but also use the list so you don’t buy unneeded gear! Buy your gear once and buy it right.
  7. Practice makes perfect- Pack and unpack your bags so you know what you have and where you have it.
  8. Don’t let your bags sit- Trust me when the SHTF hits you don’t want to reach for your bag to find out your clothes are out of season and your missing back up batteries.  More importantly, you don’t want to find that you forgot to pack your new medications you were prescribed a few weeks ago.  This goes along with Practice makes perfect, pull your bags out and check the contents against the gear lists you created.  Make sure to upgrade or switch out gear for better or more appropriate gear.  As you grow as a prepper you will surely learn new tricks of the trade!
  9. Don’t be afraid to use your gear- Gear is useless unless you know how to use it, and you need to test it in real life situations as much as possible.  I realize you can’t afford to try some items as they are expensive to replace, but you have to ask how much your life is worth?  For example, you wouldn’t go hunting without practicing at the range first right? Bullets can be expensive but so is missing when it really counts!
  10. Know Your Gear- The better you know your gear, the better you can take care of it.  Also the more comfortable you are around your gear the better your experience will be.  At the end of the day you should be able to survive with what you carry on your person, the rest is a bonus and the overall survival cherry on top!