Food Preservation

Food is a huge part of our lives  both for nourishment and social interaction.  food brings us together and can ultimately tear us apart.  A hungry man is a dangerous man.  This is why it is crucial that you start learning how to preserve food and how to store it safely.  If you are going to take this mission on you will need to read books, watch YouTube videos, and learn from someone that knows what they are doing.  It’s not rocket science so don’t shy away from it.  You just need to make sure you follow proper guidelines and techniques when handling and storing food.  The entire point behind prepping is to stay a live so don’t let your own preps kill you!

On a positive note, food preservation is a fantastic skill to have and it is very fulfilling.  I love eating a pasta sauce on a cold winter’s night that came from my summer garden!

So go out and grow it, hunt it and then preserve it!

Preps To Buy

Pantry Preps

Suggested Projects

1. Begin researching and finding resources to have on hand for the different food preservation methods. There are some great resources for preserving food on different homesteading websites and even homesteading magazines.

2. Practice makes perfect! So, start practicing using these methods in order for it to become a skill.

3. Start a garden so you can grow food to preserve for later use.

4. Find a safe, dry area in the home to store your longer-term food supplies. Those who are tight on space can use creative methods such as shelving units high in their closets, extra bedrooms or closets. As long as the space is dry, is free from temperature fluctuations, and is large enough to store the foods, it can be used. It is best not to use a garage or attic as a food storage area due to the drastic temperature fluctuations that occur in these areas of the home.

5. Make a list of what types of long-term foods you plan on storing for your long-term food supply. Those that have family members with special dietary needs should do further research on which types of foods they will need.

6. Practice using your food storage tools on short-term foods to ensure that you understand how the  tools work.

Preppers Tip

Where To Purchase These Products?

  • Amazon– For smaller scale purchases
  • Ropak– For large quantity purchases
  • Sorbent Systems– For large quantity purchases
  • Latter Day Saint Food Storage Warehouses
  • ebay
  • Costco
  • Your Back Yard!!! Start your survival garden today!

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