Survival Tools & Water Preps

Preps To Buy

  • Candles
  • Hurricane lamps
  • Matches (regular and water-proof)
  • Batteries (an assortment of sizes) Rechargeable can be good if you have a solar charger for when grid goes down
  • Collapsible Shovel or trowel
  • Purification tablets,
  • Water filter
  • Compass and Map
  • Fire Starter
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mirror
  • Duct Tape
  • Rope
  • Signal Flare or flashing beacon
  • Survival Blanket or Bivvy 
  • Multi-tool
  • Lighting (lantern, light sticks, flashlights, head lamps)
  • Survival Knife (If you have not already purchased one)

Water Preps

  • 1-gallon of bottled water for each family member (i.e., 1-2 weeks worth)
  • Secondary water filtration system
  • Water purification tablets
  • Bleach (Bleach only stores for 12 months, so do not buy large quantities of this item unless you plan to use it for other reasons.)
  • Chlorine granules (available at most super stores or pool stores)
  • Iodine
  • Tarp or plastic sheeting (for solar stills)
  • Electrolyte or re-hydration powders
  • Anti-diarrhea medicines
  • Vitamins (to help the body absorb needed nutrients after being ill from untreated water)

Suggested Projects

1. Prepare a survival kit or 72-hour bag with your survival tools included. Have this ready in case you have to make a quick evacuation.

2. Create a personal support network of neighbors and friends who can help you and your family if you are separated or unable to get home.

3. Give copies of the following lists to your network: emergency information list, contact information for various times of day.

4. Learn about sheltering-in-place and what items you may need to do so. Make a plan with your family and choose the area of your home where you will go.

5. Research different types of water filtration systems to see which type is best suited for your family. Some great websites to begin searching is Berkey water filtration systems, Katadyn water filters, Micropur tablets and Steripen. These are all products that I have in my own preparedness supplies and use regularly.

6. Learn about natural ways to filter water. You Tube is an abundant source of information on how to filter water for survival situations. Devote some to learning methods such as: how to build a solar still, how to live on sea water, how to make your own water filter, making a sand filter and/or gravity filters.

7. Practice filtering and treating your water. This is a crucial skill to learn!

Prepper’s Tip

The Top 10 Survival Tools For Your Survival Bags

  1. Water Treatment: We simply cannot live without water. The more energy you consume, the more water your body will need. Having a means to purify water in a survival situation will help keep you hydrated, your brain functioning properly and your focus on survival. In addition, if you sustain an injury, water can be poured over the wound for cleaning.
  2. Compass and Map: Knowing which direction you are headed and where you need to be are essential. Keep maps of your surrounding area at home (in case you have to evacuate by foot), in your car and in your survival bags.
  3. Fire Starter, flint bars, matches or lighterHaving a way to produce fire can help you cook food and keep warm and prevent hypothermia.
  4. First Aid Kit: You do not want to be caught in a survival situation without a first aid kit. This kit assists in injury treatment and helps prevent infections from perpetuating.
  5. Mirror: Used for signaling, checking face for wounds, looking at your back for wounds/ticks, and can be used to start fire.
  6. Rope: This can be used for making snares or assisting in making other traps lashing branches together to build a shelter, assisting in first aid (splints, tourniquets, slings), or to make survival tools such as spears.
  7. Survival Blanket or Bivvy: A bivvy or survival blanket can be used as an emergency shelter, sleeping bag or can be an extra layer added to your existing sleeping bag if you are expecting a cold night.
  8. Multi-tool: Used for notching or more complex wood working skills, opening cans, altering equipment, medical uses, if snare wire is around wire cutters can cut it.
  9. Lighting: Lanterns, light sticks, flashlights, and head lamps can help you find your way if in the dark. LEDs, solar and hand crank will get you the most for your money.
  10. Survival Knife: Survival knives should be made of good quality steel. Invest in one you can rely on. Make sure it is well made, is strong enough for rough field use, and is the best you can afford.

Create a Mini Survival Kit for your EDC (Everyday Carry Bag)

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