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Suggested Projects

1. Re-examine emergencies and disasters you need to prepare for.

2. Take some time and brainstorm potential disaster scenarios you may face and how you might want to deal with them.  By defining what it is you want to prepare for, you can further define what preps you may need to prioritize.

3. Start learning new skills that lead to you becoming more self reliant, like everything practice makes perfect

4. Create or restock a first aid kit for your Home, Office, Bug Out Bag, and for long-term medical needs

5. Practice basic first-aid 

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Prepper’s Tip

Adventure Medical Kits Tactical Field/Trauma kit with QuikClotBuilding a medical kit can be a large task when building it piece by piece.  Try to buy a few different basic kits to get you started.  A great one for your bug out bag, car kit, and even your home is the Adventure Medical kit.  This is both affordable and compact.  Get started here and add pieces as you move forward in your prepping journey.




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