Sanitation and Medical Preps

Disease and bad sanitation have killed more people than all the wars in history put together…ok I do not have a stat for that, however, it is safe to say life expectancy has increased through our sanitation efforts.  Look at how much structure our society has put into plumbing, waste removal, and cleaning products.  So what happens when the plumbing shuts down and the garbage trucks stop coming?  What happens when the doctors are gone and the pharmacy is closed down?  Will you know how to treat basic illnesses?  Will you know the best practices for dealing with human waste?

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Sanitation Preps

Medical Supplies

Survival Library

Suggested Projects

  1.  Create a sanitation kit.
  2. If you are preparing a sanitation kit with infants in mind, ensure that you have accounted for their short- and long-term needs.
  3. Familiarize yourself with different methods of handling the sanitation problems that arise during short- and long-term emergencies.
  4. Create a first aid kit.  Ensure the kit is situated in an accessible location.
  5. Take a basic first aid class, if you have not done so already.
  6.  Purchase a first aid manual
  7. Download When there is no Doctor and When there is no Dentist and print out copies of both books or you can buy them in our store.

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