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Urban Preps to Buy

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Suggested Food Projects

  1. Ensure that you have enough food supplies to last for a long-term emergency. Refer to the Ready Nutrition Food Calculator to make sure.
  2. Research ways that you can conserve water or harvest water on your property.
  3. Look for natural water sources, and underground reservoirs to turn to for an emergency water supply.
  4. Practice necessary skills that will help you thrive during long-term emergencies. Skills such as gardening, food preservation, and water harvesting.

Suggested Disaster Projects

  1. Have multiple evacuation routes planned in the instance that Plan A and Plan B do not work.
  2. Make list of what items you want to have in your survival cache.
  3. Find a good location, along the planned evacuation routes and bury or hide your survival cache.
  4. Practice getting to the survival cache using different modes of transportation to see how long it will take to get there.
  5. Create multiple caches if necessary.

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