Prepping Basics

It is always important to make sure you stock up on the prepping basics. Often times people think of prepping as buying bags covered in molle and creating a large weapons cache. However, prepping is all about having in abundance those daily supplies you will need week after week. After food, water, and shelter you need to have ample back ups to your daily essentials. There is nothing wrong with roughing it and getting down into the mud of survival. If you can have basic medicines, tools, and a few extras then maybe you might be a little more comfortable when the SHTF happens.

Prep List: The Basics

Survival Library

This was one of the first books I bought as a new prepper. It opened my eyes to how vulnerable my family and I really were. It laid out easy ways to improve one’s security and I have started to carry out the changes to my home. The great part about this book, is that the basic steps we need to take are relatively easy to do over time and on almost any budget. This is a must read!

I think is an important book to grab in your first few paychecks as there is no point in filling your homes with preps only to leave your front door open. Becoming familiar with security needs around your home or bug out location is a crucial step in your journey as a prepper. This touches on all the basic ideas of how to look at and define your security needs.

To learn more about this book take a look at our review found here.

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Suggested Projects

Start Organizing important documents in-case of an emergency. Here I believe in redundancies and safety with your important information. I have printed multiple copies of my crucial paper work and placed it in zip lock bags. Then I took those and locked them in a fire-proof bag in a fireproof safe located off site. Furthermore, I also uploaded scans of them to my dropbox, and I have stored it on my survivor thumb drive . To be redundant I have also placed an extra waterproof thumb drive in a zip lock bag in my fireproof safe and in one of my go bags.

Some important documents to organize are:

  • personal ID
  • security card
  • I.D. cards for the kids
  • proof of residence
  • insurance information
  • medical records
  • bank and account information
  • life Insurance
  • Pets medical records

Editor’s Note:

Remember this journey is not a race, you should buy what you will you use and what you don’t have. I have printed these lists out and I have highlighted them with different colors to illustrate items I passed on, Items I already had, and Items I still need to buy. This allows me to come back to these lists when I have a few extra cash and buy items I passed over or may have used since I was last on this list.


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