Pantry and Fuel Preps

Pereping your pantry full of foods your family likes to eat is a great start for anyone wanting to become more prepared.  However, it’s really important that you stock up on ways to cook and heat the food in your pantry.  Here are a few Urban Prep Lists to help you to stock up and prep your pantry and fuel preps.

Pantry Preps To Buy

Fuel Preps

Suggested Projects

    1.  Calculate the amount of food your family will need for a month long disaster.
    2. With the food storage items purchased last week, begin assembling Mylar bags and storage containers and pour food contents in and seal for long-term storage. Have a print out on hand on the directions for packing food long term to ensure that you are storing food correctly.
    3. Ensure that food lids are sealed correctly.
    4. Store sealed food containers in a cool, dark, and dry area of the home.
    5. As a reminder, remember not to forget your pets in your long-term food storage plans and ensure that you have packed enough food away for your pets. Dog and cat food can also be stored in food grade plastic containers for long-term use.
    6.  Read about the different types of fuel and decide which fuel choice(s) is best for your family.
    7.  Find an appropriate area outside of the home where the fuel can be stored.
    8.  Ensure that you rotate your fuel regularly and check to make sure there are no signs on leaking.

Prepper’s Tip

Need an excuse to dig or purchase a fire pit?  Well your families back yard fire pit can become a great place to grill or cook in an off grid situation.  Practice cooking on open flame as it’s an art form and a little different than your BBQ.  This is a great way to spend some time out doors with your family.  Just remember if your in an off grid situation you may want to be careful cooking outside, as the smells can attract those that are hungry and unprepared. I bet a steak would smell great to someone that is starving!

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