Prepare Your Home

Your Home Is Your Castle…Prepare It For Survival

If you are starting to prep then you have heard a ton about “Bugging Out” and maybe only a little about “Bugging In”.  You can never be too prepared and having options is important in case you can’t make it to your bug out location. That being said, we believe there are a ton of scenarios where you could have the choice to stay home, and if that option is on the table who wouldn’t want to ride out a disaster in the comforts of their own home?

We all have a house or an apartment of some kind, and it’s our job to get our homes ready for a possible “Bug In” situations.  With some basic steps and a few paychecks you should be able to:

Remember stores only carry a three-day supply of food, and have been cleared out in disaster situations within 3 hours by the non-prepared masses.  So lets start prepping today so we can sit back in the comforts of our home and let the others slug it out in the checkout lines!

Learn How to Prep in 26 Paychecks