gerber-StrongArm Knife

Gerber StrongArm Knife

gerber-StrongArmI have been on the hunt for a knife like the Gerber StrongArm Knife for a long time now. I have always wanted a knife that was a fixed blade knife that I could hang on my chest rig, strap it to my thigh, or have it rest on my belt in the small of my back. Maybe it’s some fascination from the movie The Hunter, since Del Torro made carrying a knife that way look bad ass, but I would also like to think that it is also a practical way to carry a larger knife.

Gerber is an amazing company that has been making incredible knives in America for the US Military since 1968. Since I started back packing as a ten year old I have always carried a Gerber knife. Gerber knives are built to last, fully functional and keep a nice blade. All Gerber knives also come with a lifetime warranty and sharpening.  This is a bonus and great for those that tends to put their equipment to use.

Gerber Out Of The Box

Out of the box the Gerber is a solid and impressive knife. I won’t lie, it appeals to the side of me that loves anything tactical. Like a lot of preppers I love tactical stuff for the cool factor (be honest with yourself).  I also love tactical gear because it is built to take an ass whooping! This knife is solid with an extremely sharp blade. The handle is made of diamond-texture rubber allowing you to obtain a strong grip on the knife handle even in a wet situation.


Preppers often worry about OPSEC and keeping a low profile and this is hard to do when you have an 11 inch knife on your hip. This is one reason why I love the ability to carry the knife horizontally in the small of my back. When facing me or with a longer shirt on you would have no idea that I was carrying this knife. Remember that in some states its illegal to carry a knife that big in a concealed manner so know your local laws before doing so. But in a SHFT situation this style of carry comes in handy for sure.
Gerber StrongArm 31-002931 Tactical Knife 4-3/4″ Fixed Blade Plain Edge w/Sheath

gerber strongarmWhen I am not carrying a lot of gear I like to carry my knife in the small of my back because it keeps it out of the way and concealed.  Be careful to not over due your set up. Between leg holsters, back packs, EDC slings, chest rigs you have enough stuff adding bulk to your frame.  This can slow you down unless you train wearing your gear regularly. If you are wearing a pack make sure you still have access to the knife, or it could become a useless tool.


The Chest Rig Effect

With an easy adjustment to your knife’s holster you can attach it to the molle of your chest rig or bag . I have attached it to my chest rig on the left side of my harness for easy access. If I am carrying my Bug out Bag, then I can quickly remove the knife from my rig and attach it to the left harness of my B.O.B.  A knife in this position is a quick and easy grab for you.

It’s A Work Horse

The other reason I love this knife is that it’s a total workhorse. The blade is thick and strong while remaining lightweight. Weight is important to keep in mind when choosing your gear to ensure you don’t bog yourself down with too much stuff. However, you also want to have total faith in your gear and its ability to perform its functions over and over again. You can use this blade as a total camp knife using it in the kitchen or as a make shift axe. This is done by placing the blade at an angle on a branch and hitting the back of it with another branch to chip away at the wood you are trying to cut. This comes in handy when collecting fire wood or building a make shift survival shelter.

All in all I think this knife is a great knife and worth the price in every way! If you’re looking for a knife to add to your gear, I would buy the Gerber Strong Arm today!

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