Food Preps

Survival Food Preps:

Long Term Food Storage - Wise Foods Storage Meat Bucket - 720 ServingsThere is nothing worse than being hungry, except maybe being starving.  Food preparation is so important for anyone starting down the road to becoming prepared.  Urban Peppers need to focus on this  as we are in an urban area where food sources can become scarce quickly during an emergency.  Most major grocery chains only keep on hand a 3 day supply of food, this means if everyone in your neighborhood rushed to the store for supplies, you may find all the shelves empty the very first day.  What happens if roads are flooded, or are not accessible due to ice storms or fires?  Your local market could very well look like this:

This is a store after Hurricane Sandy!

Don’t worry you don’t need to move to a larger house, develop a fully functional homestead, or get two years of food and hide it under your house to start prepping.  But as a responsible person you should do something…right?  The government and FEMA suggest having a minimum of 72 hours of food and water for the entire family to be safe in an emergency. This has given birth to the 72 hr bag,  which you can read about under bug out bags.  We suggest you start there and move on after you figure out what you think can happen in your area, take New Orleans or the Philippians there were many areas stranded for weeks without proper water and food supply.  

Prepping is a process and only requires you to start preparing for the unforeseeable future.  Look at it as food insurance, when you need it, it will be great to have.  Besides I have to admit it is great just having an everyday pantry that I use as my personal store.  I started by buying 2-3 extra items per visit to the store, this allows me to lock in that days price on the item and prevents me from having to go to the store over missing  pasta sauce or rice to complete a meal (save your gas money).