FactorXBag: More Than an Everyday Backpack

Recently I was introduced to the FactorXBag and I have to admit this has been a great discovery for me.  I received my FactorXBag last week and I have been using it daily as my EDC Bag.  I am always in search of the perfect every day carry bag.  My goal as a prepper is to find a low profile everyday bag.   I need one that can carry my office supplies while being able to hold a significant amount of survival gear.  One could say it’s apart of my ever growing desire to become a better “Gray Man”.

I have been putting the FactorXBag to the test in my daily environment. As a business owner and a father I am putting some significant miles on this bag for sure!  I will be sharing my full review of this bag in a week as I want to take the time to get to know bag and all it’s functions.  After all, this bag has 10 well thought out storage compartments that can be used for a multitude of possibilities.  This backpack can be used as your get home bag, a medical go bag, or as a 72 hr kit in your car.  This everyday backpack can even be used to protect you from an active shooter!  This bag not only has a modular system for gear storage it also has a ballistic component as well! ( See the video below)

Although this bag is labeled as an “everyday backpack”  it certainly has the potential for greatness in our ever growing  preparedness community.  Take a look at their promo video below and let me know if you are as excited about this bag’s potential as I am!

FactorXBag Promo Video:

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