Bug Out Bag Prep List

This prep list will help you to build a great bug out bag while staying organized and focused.  We have hand selected items for you to check out in the links below.  You must remember that you have to carry everything you pack so try not to get too gear heavy.   If you do choose to add a few extra items make sure they make sense to your mission. More importantly you have to know how to use every item you carry!

Therefor, you have to practice using your gear before you need to use it for survival.  trust me, you don’t want to try and make a fire or build a shelter for the first time in the rain or under a stressful situation.  More importantly, you must practice, practice, and practice some more.  Lastly, I recommend that if you can find some of these items in pairs, or larger packs buy them!  You can switch out your smaller gear items annually and use the extras for practice, camping, or hunting trips.  For example, I buy my fire pucks, chem lights, and hand warmers in large packs so I can use them through out the year.  I spread out the extra gear between my bags and my out door trips.

Pick Your Bag


  • 2 Pairs of socks hiking socks preferred
  • 2 pair quick dry underwear
  • quick dry t shirt ( Not Cotton)
  • Long sleeve base layer
  • Beanie
  • Baseball hat
  • Rain gear ( Doubles as wind breaker or outer shell)
  • Back up pants
  • Personal meds
  • Personal documents on a Survivor USB Drive
  • Cash: $100 in small bills (People won’t make change during SHTF)
  • sun glasses
  • Fire arm with extra ammo and magazines

Bug Out Bag Gear List-

Inspired by Last Stand Tactical’s Readiness Pack (BOB) $379

Photo Credit: Amazon

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