About Urban Prep List

On this site I am documenting the products, articles, tools, and projects I find useful throughout my journey as a Prepper.  As I travel down this road, I will  slowly check items and projects off my Urban Prep List. My desire is to help other like-minded preppers along the way.

Follow my guide Prepping in 26 paychecks, to learn how you can get your family and home ready in one year. This guideline is an outline, and can help you prepare a few items at a time.  At the end of the day, having even only two paychecks worth of preps in your home is better than nothing at all.

Prepping often carries with it the stigma of extremists and crazy people obsessed with the impending doom of the world.  There are extremists in all walks of life, however, in reality we are your neighbors, your doctors, and your friends.  Don’t let this stigma brought on by popular tv shows detour you from taking care of yourself.  Get your family prepared in any way that is comfortable to you.  For a start, formulate a basic plan, stock up on some food, and learn a few survival skills.

About The Author

I am a father that wants to become more self-sufficient and prepared for what’s to come.  I want to be able to provide food for my family, hunt, and practice basic survival skills. Even if nothing ever happens, I like the idea of having food stored a garden, and the basic skills to take care of myself.  If something breaks and there’s no YouTube video for you to look up can you fix the problem?  Do you have the tools needed for basic maintenance and up keep?

I don’t believe in zombies or huge conspiracy theories, but I do believe that sometimes bad things just happen. If you don’t believe me just pick up a history book for all the evidence you may need. The story of our world is full of natural disasters, epidemics, and wars.  Our country is one of the greatest in the world and we have the ability to live blessed lives compared to many.  We can not become apathetic and forget the basic skills of supplying food, water, and shelter for our families.

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Editorial Disclaimer:

I am not a professional survivalists by any means (shocker I know), however I have grown up back packing, I hunt, I have gone through survival training, and I am an avid study of prepping. What I do have to offer is years of prepping experience, mistakes, bad purchases, and many victories to share.

I am not an editor nor do I have the time to edit all my posts…so deal with the mistakes as I am sure you get the idea of what I am trying  to communicate!  If it bothers you please move on as I really don’t need your comments or corrections.  I am far to busy with life and getting prepared to be perfect and I give absolutely zero f***s !

I buy gear, store food, hunt,  and I write articles on this site to document my journey of preparedness.

Occasionally I may post articles from contributing authors.  It is important to note that all content, photos, and videos are the property of the original owner and there is a link in every article back to the original article.  This is not only to give credit to the authors, but also to allow you to visit their websites and read other survival & preparedness articles they have written.

I promise to be to the point and tell it like it is.  Maybe my mistakes will save you some time and money.  I hope the content on this site helps you along your personal path to becoming self-reliant and prepared. So start reading today, create your Urban prep list, and take control of your future!

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