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3V Gear-The Outlaw Sling Review

3v-gear-outlaw-sling-pack-reviewI found 3V Gear a few months ago and I have been really excited to try out some of their gear.  3v Gear has branded themselves as making rough and tough American made tactical gear at an affordable price since they have “cut out the middle man”.  As a prepper this sounds fantastic right?  However, preppers often get weary of the “cheaper” or  “low cost” gear in the fear that it will fail us in an emergency  or it will turn out to be a waste of money. Preppers hate wasting money as that just slows down their ability to reach their preparedness goals.   So I couldn’t resist the opportunity to put some of their gear to the test and  write a review that could possibly answer some of these concerns for other preppers.  When I went to their website to look at their products I choose to write a review of 3V Gear’s Out law Sling.  I am always searching for a better EDC bag, so I opted to use their sling as my new EDC for a month or two in order to really put this bag to the test.  I want to answer the question is this bag really an affordable option for preppers, who want excellent gear but at a savings?

My plan of attack for this review is simple, I am going to use this bag every day for a few months and see how it holds up to daily use and abuse. To get this process started I  am going to start with my initial out of the box review of this product, then I will write a few follow up reviews about how the bag is holding up to my tests. I will also write a post offering a complete breakdown of  what EDC gear I carry in my Outlaw Sling. So please follow along here on my blog or follow me on Twitter or  Facebook to get updates on this field test!

3v Gear Outlaw Sling: Bullet Point Review

  • American made good quality product
  • Just the right size for an EDC Bag or Get Home Bag
  • Great pockets for manageable organization
  • Very comfortable to carry
  • Has great Molle straps (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.)
  • Has the ability to use a Hydration bladder
  • This bag is affordable but tough!
  • The design is well thought out
  • One bad ass bag!

3V Gear’s Outlaw Sling: Out Of The Box Review

The Outlaw Sling First Impressions:

I am surprised right away by the quality of the fabric, molle and zippers, they all appear to be sturdy and well built.  For a bag at such an affordable price I was assuming that some corners must have been cut, but from the first look this bag looks rather solid.  The bag is compact but offers you a lot of pockets to organize your gear for easy access on the go.  I find bags that have too many pockets to be frustrating when I am in a rush or in need of gear on the go. I want a bag that allows me to access my gear with ease and accuracy.  This Outlaw Sling is big enough to carry all your basic gear along with a few things for the office, but is also still small enough to make sure you choose your gear wisely.  This is important for a few reasons:

Why smaller bags are better:

  1. Helps to make sure you don’t carry a lot of gear, but rather you carry the right gear
  2. Whatever you pack you carry, so don’t weigh yourself down with un needed items
  3. Fewer items means you can organize and retrieve items with less struggle
  4. The tighter the fit to your body the better your mobility will be

Like most preppers, I own a few bags used for different reasons, and as a hunter I abuse the heck out of my gear on my trips.  My first impression is that this bag was extremely well thought out and built.  The bag provides pockets with molle straps on the inside so you can keep important gear in one spot and assessable.  On the interior of the bag it offers deep open compartmentalized pockets for you to store different objects in that might not move around as much as others.  But it also offers a mesh pocket that zips up to help your loose odds and ends stay in one spot.  The mesh allows you to see into the pocket making the retrieval of critical gear easy.  Behind the mesh pocket there is a deep pocket with a buckle cinch strap, again allowing you to tighten down on gear that you don’t want moving around in your pack. ( Please reference to the pictures above)

The bag also comes with an exterior cinch strap that wraps around the outside of the pack that allows you tighten your gear together.  This is an important feature for two reasons:

  1. It pulls the gear inside the bag together and prevents extra movement.  This means the bag won’t be moving around as much when you wear it.  This allows for a more comfortable fit and helps you to create less noise  from random gear banging together inside the bag.
  2. This strap also creates another handle on the exterior of the bag for you to grab the bag in a hurry

I really appreciate this strap on the bag, I believe it really makes a difference in how the bag rides on my back when moving quickly.  The bag also has an additional cross strap you can use that attaches to the sling strap it’s self, but this might only be needed if your running.  But don’t worry about this extra strap as 3V Gear has a tiny pocket on the bottom of your pack where you can tuck this strap in and make it go away until it’s needed. Great thinking!

If I had to be critical of one feature of this bag, it would have to be the water bottle pocket on the exterior of the bag.  It is not a one size fits all pocket.  It is meant to fit only certain sized water bottles like this one:

This is a bummer if you already have water bottles and don’t want to buy another one, however this is not a total bummer as the bag gives you options.  The first option is to buy a hydration bladder and then you wont have to worry about carrying a water bottle at all.  If you opt to buy the hydration bladder you can use the water bottle pocket as a dump pocket.  You can place extra magazines, extra survival gear in a plastic bags for quick access, or even stuff it with rain gear or a tarp.  The pocket has a cinch on it, so you can close the top and keep your extra gear from falling out of that pocket.

I guess it’s fair to say that this bag is pretty bad ass!  I am loving using this bag and can’t wait to see how its holding up next month!  The bag is now full of my EDC gear, and it still allows me to store my Mac laptop and a few files for the office.  It’s size helps it sit discreetly under my desk, and makes it a breeze to take with me where ever I go.  My first impression of the 3V Gear Outlaw Sling is simple, I think I  just found the perfect and affordable EDC Bag!

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