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I love 3V Gear for their products and for their mission statement.  The entire company is about cutting out the middle man and making bad ass tactical products for amazing prices!  Preppers and outdoor types are gear crazy and have all suffered from cheap gear breaking down when they needed it the most.  The philosophy  should be to buy gear right and to buy it only once!  It’s true that one’s skill set and quality of gear can be the determining factors in a survival situation.  Knowing all of these things and admitting them here for the entire world to see, I still feel 100% comfortable recommending 3V Gear to you.  Now let me tell you why I am so confident in their very affordable line of  gear and why its good for preppers and hunters alike.

First lets look at their company promise and how they describe themselves on their website:

The 3V Gear Promise:

“We promise to provide quality products and superior service. All of our gear is vigorously tested and
abused in various climates and conditions from mountains to war zones. This ensures you receive a quality
product you can depend on. Wherever your life story will take you, 3V Gear will be by your side… or
on your back, either way we will be with you.”

About The 3V Gear Company:

PC Version

“We are a small company growing rapidly. We specialize in outdoor items that are intended for shooting sports, hunting, hiking, camping, adventures, military, police, security, survival and tactical uses. We work hard to get the lowest prices possible but continue to offer exceptional quality products. We achieve this by finding our own factories for the procurement of our products which allows us to avoid many of the middle men that is often times associated with obtaining inventory of items.

We take great pride in the products we design and manufacture and we would not be caught selling anything we would not use ourselves. 3V Gear products are designed to blend functionality and comfort with rugged good looks at an affordable price. 3V Gear stands behind every product with a limited lifetime warranty, bringing you an industry standard for quality, value and customer service.”

Not PC Version

“We have the best products, pure and simple. And we care about the organic soy lattes, baby penguins, and skim milk…not. Look, this is how the magic happens at 3V Gear:

1) We find a cool product we like and use

2) We make it better…’Merica

3) We comb our mustaches

4) We yell expletives and wave our middle finger to third parties who add no value to the supply chain but increase the cost to the consumer (you)

5) We sell our better product to you for cheap.

6) We go to sleep on a hand-made mahogany bed with cedar inlays that is draped with an American Flag blanket which Nanna made for a college graduation present.

7) We sleep good at night knowing we provided a superior product at superior prices to help people achieve their dreams.

8) ‘Merica!”

 It is hard not to get excited to buy one of their products after reading this mission statement! However, as we all know it takes more than fancy writing to survive an emergency, so I pushed on to learn even more about them..  I found out they make everything from sling packs, 72 hour bags, gun cases, and even hydration bladders!  So, like most gear loving males, I bought the lingo and I went in for the first purchase.  I decided to buy one of their products and since I was already in the market for a new gun case, I opted for one of theirs!

3v Gear 3v Gear Gun Case

I ordered a gun case from 3v Gear and I was blown away by the quality.  It is perfect for when I head to the range or on a hunting trip and need to carry multiple guns, magazines, and ammo.  This case is rugged  and holds everything I need to carry to the range. Their description of it says it all:

“With plenty of space for 2 long guns and multiple hand-guns the 3V Gear Ranger 36 Padded Double Gun case is the ONE bag that will handle a small arsenal of shooting or hunting gear. Designed with extreme field use in mind, the heavily padded case with padded wrap-around edge guard will protect your finest firearms and stand up to the harshest abuse.”

 This case is American made and it will only cost you the very affordable price of $64.99!

3V Gear: Outlaw Sling Pack

3v-gear   After such a positive experience with 3v Gear products I have decided to try out another product and to do a much more in depth review of it.  I am excited to do a review of one of their Outlaw Sling Packs as seen here on the left.  In my on going search for the best EDC bag I have chosen to look at the Outlaw Sling Pack.  My ideal pack would be one that can hold all of my gear, a few work items, and some water while staying light and organized.  Often times in the past I  have purchased bags with too many pockets or that were too bulky. Sure I could carry a ton of survival supplies but would those bulky heavy bags really do me any good in an emergency situation where I needed to move fast?

I need a bag that is going to perform but also help me cut my gear down to only the essential every day gear gear plus a few luxury items for urban survival.  After searching I ran into the outlaw sling by 3V Gear and now I am going to put it to the test!

I plan to review this bag right out of the box with my first impressions.  Next I am going to pack it full of  my EDC gear and use it every day at work and out and about.  After testing it in the field I  will do another review to let you know how things are holding up and performing. After that review, if the product has nailed it I will give you my final stamp of approval!

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Until next time…

Stay safe and always share to prepare!
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